3 inspiring stories of new mums who built great businesses

3 inspiring stories of new mums who built great businesses

For new mums, the idea of juggling their corporate life with a new baby can be daunting to say the least. The boom of new mums in entrepreneurial ventures indicates that there is a strong appeal from the flexible hours, working from home and being in control of your day!

Sasha Deacon is the founder and director of children’s fashion label Beau Hudson. She founded the label after having her boys, finding that she was unable to source practical and stylish accessories for the trio. Named after the middle names of her two oldest children, she describes her business as a mix of something she loves – spending time with her kids – and her love for fashion and accessories.

The biggest learning curve in the building of her business was developing her time management and prioritisation skills. Juggling her tandem roles of mother, wife and business woman, there are often times where she feels overwhelmed and like she is failing at one or the other. She told Business Insider Australia that “when I have those moments, I just have to take a breath, regroup and write out a list to work out where to prioritise everything.” Being a mum gives her a unique insight in to the needs and wants of her target market.

Another mum who used her needs to recognise a gap in the market is Belinda Jennings, founder of classifieds site, Mum Central. She became tired of the process of eBay sales after having her first child in 2009 and built up a following in a Facebook group for mums to buy and sell amongst each other. After amassing success on that platform she launched Mum Central, a website full of content geared at Australian mums.

She advises mums to “have a go! I started on Facebook by creating a page, dipping my toe in the water, so to speak, without spending any money.” She is living proof that using a free platform can help you to establish a niche in the market without sacrificing funds that could otherwise be put towards your growing family!

Christine Kuinimonth’s growing bump prevented her from finding suits to wear on air in her role as a newsreader. With this in mind she created the Belly Belt, converting her usual pants and skirts in to maternity wear. With only one income, she soon drained her resources on creating top notch packaging and product. Christine’s passion for her product meant that she was determined to see it succeed. She put her car up for sale to pay off outstanding invoices for packaging.

She recommends the book ‘The E Myth’ by Michael Gerber for any mums looking to start up businesses themselves. She credits her dual role as mother and entrepreneur with her success in product development. “Being a mum also brings a consumer’s critical eye to the business. Is it practical? Does it wash? Will it last? What’s the warranty?”

Starting your own business as a mum can be a scary thought, but the resilience that comes with wrangling a newborn will be an asset in business as well. If done well, you can have the flexibility of spending time with your children outside of conventional working schedules and involve the whole family in your venture.

The author of this post, Joel Robbie, is the CEO and Co-founder of Nod, a digital platform helping parents to get advice about money from an expert delivered to their mobile.

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