5 short money courses that will improve your financial literacy

5 short money courses that will improve your financial literacy

money courses5 short money courses that will improve your financial literacy

January is the month of New Year?s Resolutions. Usually at the top of everyone?s list is the priority of getting physically fit following a month or more of unsupervised and festive (dessert & alcohol riddled) diets over the Christmas period.

But the regret at having ?overdone? things a little subsides soon enough, and we start getting back into the swing of normalcy; looking forward to what we want out of this New Year. The HuffPost writes that ?improving finances? is the second most arrived at New Year?s Resolution.

Now I get that taking charge of your finances lacks the sex appeal & excitement of writing a book, or taking salsa lessons. But if you?ve decided that 2016 is going to be the year you kick your financial education up a notch then there are lots of ways you can do this at your own pace, online & in some cases at no (or very low cost).

You don?t have to have a Masters in Finance to improve your finances for the better. But learning as much as you can about money and personal finances, builds confidence making you all the more comfortable with taking action on your own affairs.

If you haven?t already ? check these resources to help you & your family get ahead.

1) Davidson Institute

An education initiative of Westpac Bank. For those of you that prefer independent / unbiased sources of information, don?t be concerned. The information is fairly generic in nature with little to no product hard sell.

As busy mums, their free seminars in branch are likely to be a big ?that?ll never happen.? But their online courses & webinars on personal finance and business management are actually worthwhile. Their website is extremely user friendly and has some handy tools & tips.

I would definitely check them out ? davidsoninstitute.com.au

2) Super Woman Money Program

This program is presented by VicSuper ? and is designed to help you take control of your finances over a simple five week program (that is absolutely free). What have you got to lose?

It can be completed online (perfect for anyone with kids) and the course looks a little something like this:

Pre- season week:?This week is all about organising and preparing. You?ll set your goals and complete some challenges that will help you get financially organised and prepared for the next 4 weeks.

Week 1:?Budget & Debt

Week 2:?Salary, Tax and Super

Week 3:?Property: Buying vs. Renting


Wrap up week:?A chance to meet some other super women and network at a celebratory event.

Head to their website for more information on when the next program starts ? www.superwomanmoney.com.au

3) 10 Thousand Girl

The 10thousandgirl Campaign is an independent not for profit organisation that provides practical, relevant and fun financial education to women in Australia.

They have four courses that they offer ranging in price based on their length and content. From single webinars on understanding basic financial concepts to a life makeover retreat.

Perfect for improving financial literacy and gaining a better understanding of financial concepts. ?Find out all about their courses and how to enrol on their website –10thousandgirl.com

4) Macquarie University ? Financial Literary Program

This is a new program offered by Macquarie University that over 27,000 people have already completed. Delivered online with specific intake dates, you will be shown how to set your goals and how to achieve those goals using an established, working savings plan.

The content also includes basic financial concepts like learning to invest, understanding risk, how compound interest works and avoiding the pitfalls of online scams.

The course is presented by Paul Clitheroe & Peter Mordaunt both prominent figures in the financial community.

You can find out all about this course on their website ? open2study.com

5) Australian Stock Exchange

If you?re interested in learning about the stock market and how to trade shares, then the Australian Stock Exchange should be your first point of call. It offers a range of online courses for beginners on these topics so again you don?t have to leave the house.

They are free and you don?t need to register. They are basic but a great introduction before you sign up with any private training companies that will be able to offer you more in-depth education (at a price). You can find out more about these courses to see if they are right for you by visiting their website ? http://www.asx.com.au/education/online-courses.htm

These user friendly short courses will help take your financial literacy to the next level.

A parting word of advice though to help keep you on course with your?New Year?s resolution to getting ‘financially fit’; it?s easy to slip into old habits with money and given the lack of sexiness of the topic. It?s also easy to dump the idea altogether.

If this is really a priority for you in 2016 ? spend some time setting a couple of financial goals that can be reached by improving your financial knowledge.

[yellowbox]You can grab a copy of my budgeting and goal setting toolkit here – with everything you need to know in the one easy to use kit. [thrive_2step id=’369′]You can download it here[/thrive_2step][/yellowbox]

That way you are more inclined to stick with it ? given you?ve identified exactly WHY you?re doing it. We women are visual creatures so having an articulated goal, with an idea of what this looks like in our head (hit up Pinterest if need be!) will keep you on track to a better understanding about your money in 2016.


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