6 quick ways to save for Christmas

Ok, ok I know it’s only July. But I always start thinking about how to save for Christmas at this time of the year. Like it or not, we’re on the downward slide into Christmas and I hate the last minute Christmas rush wit [...]

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How to prepare for an interest rate rise

Let's chat about how to prepare for an interest rate rise. Now whether you believe interest rates will rise or not – I can tell you right now you’ll be better off for reading this post. Why? Well even if I’m wrong (and a [...]

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7 Ways Mums Can Make Money from the Sharing Economy

7 Ways mums can make money from the sharing economy Considering the share economy as a way of boosting your household income? Not silly, not silly at all! The cost of living and getting ahead today has forced many famili [...]

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2 Reasons NOT to cancel your health insurance

Thinking of cancelling your health insurance? I get it. You’ve just gone through another annual premium increase to your private health insurance cover. The annual premium review letter arrived in the mail and you’ve rea [...]

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10 Signs your money & finances are on track

How do you feel about the current state of your finances? Maybe you feel as though things are tracking OK at present – and that’s great! But I’m sure there are times, whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly where you feel [...]

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Could you live on the Australian aged pension?

Retirement seems a too far off to be relevant when you're in your 30s or 40s – and it seems a lifetime away when you’re still in your 20’s. There are so many other things you want and need to do with your money – paying [...]

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What can I claim on my taxes?

It’s almost the end of another year – financial year that is. Have you ever found yourself asking "What can I claim on my taxes?" As mums we are a pretty mixed bag when it comes to how we earn a living; so understanding [...]

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