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Are you loving the content on the blog but want to talk to The Fiscal Mum directly about your situation and financial goals?

How we can work together:

Complimentary Phone Conversation

Personalised Budget & Cashflow Plan

Secret Money Business Online Workshop

Complimentary Phone Conversation [20 mins]

This is a wonderful opportunity to discuss with The Fiscal Mum your biggest money stresses and concerns, as well as what you are working towards financially as a family.

During your conversation, The Fiscal Mum may help you to set and prioritise some realistic financial goals to work towards, and may offer you some tailored money management tips as well as practical steps to staying on track with your finances.

The consultations are relaxed with absolutely no judgement; the focus being on giving you some direction with immediate next steps as well as more information on the ways The Fiscal Mum can provide you with personalised advice and support in working towards your financial goals.

The Fiscal Mum is a Corporate Authorised Representative of 100 Doors Pty Ltd (AFSL: 447657 ABN: 69 166 153 377) and can provide you with personalised advice on superannuation, investments and insurances.

By the end of the consultation, you should feel less stressed, more motivated and excited about your financial future, with specific goals to work on.

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Personalised Budget & Cashflow Plan

Need some personalised help with your budget? Saving money is the first step to financial independence and must be mastered in order to get ahead.

Maybe you’ve never done one before and have no idea where to start or perhaps you’re looking for someone to pull your existing budget apart, a second pair of impartial eyes if you like to help you work out what’s not working or perhaps could be improved upon.

I have a lot of requests from mums who want some help in this department; in particular those with single incomes or irregular incomes where cashflow is tight periodically.

Whether you simply have no time to do it yourself or you need someone to talk it over with, I am here to help!

My personalised budget & cashflow plans packages range between from $300 – $500 + GST. Additional costs are dependent on the number of accounts to be cashflowed and whether there is an existing budget to work with.

With each package you will receive:

  • A personalized family budget that supports your cashflow needs
  • An account structure that supports the automation of your budget
  • A step by step plan to staying on track with your new budget

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