Welcome to Secret Money Business for Mums!

I’m thrilled you’ve decided to join me on this journey to figuring out  your family finances and kicking them into gear!

This course is designed to fill your knowledge gaps about managing the family finances and provide you with the resources and professional support you need to make managing your money a breeze. You will learn smarter ways to manage your money so that you can get on track with your finances and make smarter decisions along the way. I’ll also be sharing, tools and strategy’s with you to help you feel confident in managing it all on your own.

Because at the end of the day, financial decision making is a part of everyday life and we ALL need to know how it works.

So many life transformations happen once you learn how to properly manage your money – it really is a turning point for everyone who is brave enough to get organised and own their finances!!

Below you will find the video library of bite sized videos designed to make your journey to a financially savvy mummy as straight forward as possible. There are 6 Foundation Steps to help move you across all areas of your household finances with support materials at each step to help you implement and take action on what you learn.

I will see you over in the Private Facebook Group with real time opportunities to talk about money and keep you engaged along your journey.

Rebecca xx

Access the course steps

Click the links below to work your way through the steps. Links will become active when the new step is available each week.

BONUS Guides

I have created two BONUS guides for you as a way to really help you maximise the value that is offered in this course.