Hi, I’m Rebecca

I help busy mums gain clarity around their money, simplify their finances and create a financial plan for their future.

I’m a busy mum of two little girls, so I know all too well the challenges of managing the family finances with a young family.

I do what I do to help mums create and afford a life they love, for themselves and their family – because that is what we all want at the end of the day.

I have always been interested in money. How to earn, invest, save and spend it wisely. I was raised by my father from an early age to understand the value of money and how to manage it mindfully.

He taught me that it was a tool; one that if used properly could help you to live the life you want and if used poorly, could leave you struggling financially instead.

I was the little girl who kept a ledger to go with her piggy bank and I had my first budget well before I’d left high school.

One of my earliest memories with money was as a child going to a school fete. My father gave my sister and I each $5 for the afternoon and told us we could do whatever we wanted with it, but once it was gone that was it – there would be no more.

I did several laps of the sports ground, doing my research to make sure I spent it on exactly what I wanted. My sister went to the first stall and spent the whole $5 – needless to say, she was unimpressed as she got further into the fete and realized that there was much more to be had!

I learned that day that money has the ability to get you want you want in life, but only if you’re wise enough to know how to use it.

Unfortunately, money management skills and financial literacy are not taught at school despite being such important life skills! And for many women, talking about money growing up is something they may have missed out on – leaving them feeling as though they are just ‘not good with money.’

I believe this mindset holds women back from taking control of their finances and their financial future which leaves them feeling vulnerable, worried and anxious about their future.

My mission is to inspire you to believe in yourself when it comes to managing your money and empower you to become the financially wise women you can be!

By combining my qualifications in business & financial planning, professional experience as a financial advisor and personal experience as a mum; I can help you define your financial goals as a family and see them come to life.

Rebecca x

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About the Fiscal Mum

I focus my business on helping women just like me; busy mums who want financial organisation in their life, so they can focus on what matters most to them and on living a life they love – without financial worry.

Why mums you might wonder?

Upon becoming a mum myself and seeing and hearing among so many other mums the challenges they were facing of managing their day to day finances as well as their long term goals – I knew I could make a difference.

After taking a break from the corporate world following the birth of my first daughter –  I launched The Fiscal Mum initially as an educational blog, specifically to help mums with the daunting task of taking control of their household finances.

I soon realised however, that it wasn’t just education mums wanted – they wanted financial help from someone who ‘got them’ and what they needed based on where they were at in their lives – which is, busy, working, with kids, juggling the competing priorities of providing a comfortable lifestyle for their family today and making sure they were also setting themselves up financially for the future as well.

That’s how the Fiscal Mum – the business – was born!

What I know is that women struggle with different fears and frustrations than men do when it comes to money.

Women want education and clarity around their money and the financial strategies open to them so they can make informed decisions.

They want to feel like a partner in improving their financial affairs – helped along by someone who understands & shares their motivations and goals and is willing to build in them a skills set, not just tell them what to do.

They want to feel part of a team when it comes to managing their money, not as though they’re being lectured to about the principles of finance!!

They want to worry less, have more time to do the things they enjoy most, and they want to know enough about their finances not only for their own benefit, but so they can teach these attitudes and behaviours to their children for their benefit as well.

How do I know all this? Because this is what I want too.

Let me show you how to manage, save and invest your money so that you have the confidence and clarity you need when it comes to your financial future.

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